June book notes

In an effort to resume more standard programming, there’s a couple bookish items on the horizon as we enter June.

First, Sunday marks the official start of Reading the World 2008. This is the fourth year of the program, which aims to introduce American readers to literature in translation. This year, it features 25 books […]

Political notes

Just a couple items that came up during and since my NYC trip.

First, the day I left South Dakota Moderate took note of the fact that the Virginia blogger at the Democratic Party-funded Badlands Blue blog was among those protesting the narrow selection of designated state bloggers for the party’s national convention. I do […]

NYC: Witches, phantoms and spam

Posting has been virtually non-existent due to a several day trip to NYC with my three daughters this past week. Between what the hotel wanted to charge for internet access and my preferring to roam the city rather than the web, I was virtually cyber incommunicado.

I am still trying to recover from herding and […]

End of the week marginalia

Finally, what looks to be an absolutely gorgeous weekend. So, in a quick check of e-mails and the like, here’s some various items to consider in your spare time:

Postville teachers speak out. A fellow lawyer passed along this letter on an immigration law listserv Friday. Like the original post indicates, I don’t know if […]

DNC: Who needs a true South Dakota blogger?

So the Democratic National Committee has announced the bloggers from each state who will get floor credentials to cover this summer’s Democratic National Convention. And the pick from South Dakota: Badlands Blue.

Guess that shows what the DNC thinks of South Dakota bloggers or South Dakota. As noted a while ago, Badlands Blue was actually […]