From 50 books for today to 100 books of all time

Newsweek, to which I haven’t subscribed for more than a year, must feel its books coverage is lacking. First there was the Fifty Books for Our Time. Now it’s got a “meta-list” of The Top 100 Books. It’s a meta-list because it is compiled from 10 separate lists of best books, including not only its […]

I have a ways to go on the Fifty Books for Our Times

Newsweek is out with a variation of the “books you should read” list. Rather than simply a best of list, the magazine says its Fifty Books for Our Times “open a window on the times we live in.” I’m still struggling with how a couple of the choices, particularly the first, made the list — […]

Musing Mondays: Mid-year reading report

Now that we’ve come to the middle of the year, what do you think of your 2009 reading so far? Read anything interesting that you’d like to share? Any outstanding favourites?

My reading so far this year indicates my translated literature fixation continues. Not surprisingly, then, it accounts for one of my favorites this […]

Book Review: God’s Mercy by Kerstin Ekman

Sense of place is not just a combination of geography and culture, it is a synergy of the two. Swedish author Kerstin Ekman doesn’t seek to describe sense of place in her novel God’s Mercy. She does something far more difficult. Sense of place so permeates the novel it moves from being a setting to […]

Weekend Edition: 6-27


The blogosphere was all aflutter this week with word the FTC wants to regulate blogs. Remember, you read it here first more than two months ago.

My review of Masterpiece Comics was the featured item Monday in the Blogcritics Books section.

SD Blogosphere Goings On

The ACLU of South Dakota has launched its […]