Friday Follies 2.40

Legal opinion quotation of the month: “No one’s memory is perfect. People forget things or get confused, and anyone can make an innocent misstatement or two. Or maybe even three or four. But not 868 of them.” (via)

The university my youngest daughter attends wins a free speech award — but not a good one. […]

My Best in Books 2010

As usual, I’m posting my favorite books of the year at year-end. Given that I tend to do a lot of reading over the holidays, I fear that if I do it too early there’s a chance I’ll miss THE book. That didn’t happen this year. In fact, I wasn’t really overwhelmed by anything this […]

Looking ahead to a new reading year

My year-end list and recaps will be coming at, you guessed it, year end. I have, though, been pondering 2011 in reading and have decided upon a (overused) motto — less is more. No, I don’t mean anything foolish like borrowing, buying or reading fewer books. Instead, it’s a reduction in what I call the […]

2010: The year of the nook (sort of)

As I noted at the time, I broke down and bought a nook about six months ago. Overall, I’d say I’m pleased with it (especially since the latest software upgrade allows you to create bookshelves) but can’t say I’m in love with it. I read 18 e-books this year, 16 on the nook. Here’s my […]

Weekend Edition: Xmas 2010

My Christmas Present to You

Far too many of us really should heed the advice of this website but explaining it would ruin it. Just go there.

Blog Headline of the Week

Advice to Law Students looking for a job — don’t be a goddamned crybaby

Christmassy Linkage

Santa’s crimes against humanity (via)

Don’t […]