A heathen’s Christmas greeting — 2010

Another Christmas, another posting of my traditional Christmas greeting. Although I call it traditional, my greeting is not traditional in the standard sense of the word. But you gotta realize this is coming from someone whose kids remember John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” as being the Christmas song they heard most often at […]

Friday Follies 2.39

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is running its annual poll on the most ridiculous lawsuit of the year. Several appeared in this year’s editions of the Follies. (via)

Sorry that the bag containing your deceased mother’s personal effects also contained a bag with her brain in it.

People don’t need additional evidence for the Lawyers […]

Book Review: The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas

It may now be as customary as carols, eggnog or nativity scenes. Odds are that each November and December there will a fracas over whether there is a “war on Christmas.” No doubt, those who contend Christmas is under attack by liberals, secular humanists or what have you will say “we told you so” if […]

Weekend Edition: 12-18

Loon of the Week

Yes, a new category! I remain amazed at the amount of craziness in the United States — and the election is over! Thus, the inaugural edition of Asshat Loon of the Week.

Eugene Delgaudio wants you to know that the TSA agents doing enhanced pat-downs “may well be a practicing homosexual […]

Friday Follies 2.38

I am a Festivus enthusiast, but I evidently missed one of its principles. A longtime inmate at the Orange County jail has successfully argued he is entitled to special meals because eating the salami served at the jail would violate his religious beliefs in Festivus.

A jury will decide if failing to put a plastic […]