The imperfect storm

The meteorological conditions were superb. Unfortunately, the bookish ones were not.

Despite a blizzard providing a perfect excuse to be sequestered indoors and plenty of books on the TBR shelves and Nook, my reading so far this weekend has been abysmal. First, although about a third of the way in, I gave up on Mark […]

Weekend Edition: 12-11

Bulletin Board

As much as I hate winter, there’s just something about a good old fashioned blizzard — if you’re safe at home and need not go anywhere. (Fireplace and plenty of reading material assumed.)

For some reason, my RSS feed suddenly started generating 404 errors Friday. Hopefully, that has been fixed but, if […]

Good on science — geography, not so much

It’s worthwhile taking a look at’s piece and online picture gallery on the conversion of the Homestake Gold Mine to the Sanford Underground Laboratory, a physics lab that, among other things, will help look for so-called dark matter. It seems, though, that the science and uniqueness of the site left the reporter needing to […]

Indubitably and perhaps irremediably old

Something that had been in the back a my mind for a while really started to sink in with last week’s announcement of the Grammy nominees — age is not only staring me in the face, it is slapping it.

Ever since this blog started, I’ve had an annual post on my record of the […]

Weekend Edition: 12-4

Bulletin Board

A tryptophan overdose meant no edition last weekend and, hence, a couple items this week are a bit older than usual.

Worthwhile Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Bin Laden’s Lonely Crusade (“The first thing to recognize is that, despite the carnage and the shock, the 9/11 attacks represented a strategic blunder by al-Qaeda.”) […]