Weekend Edition: 12-31

Bulletin Board

Given the date, it would be uncurmudgeonly of me not to note, “Another year shot to hell.”

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

A Year Without Fear (“So far, my strategy of being more adventurous was producing mixed results. My life seemed richer and more interesting—but it also involved a lot more groaning, […]

So, how many pages are in a book?

This year for the first time I decided to keep track of how many pages were in the books I read. I never did before because I figured it wasn’t fair to include the index and didn’t want to go through the hassle of counting pages, subtracting index-like matter and adding in prefaces and the […]

A heathen’s Christmas greeting — 2011

Another Christmas means it’s time to post my annual Christmas greeting, borrowing from Jackson Browne’s “The Rebel Jesus“:

And once a year when Christmas comes We give to our relations And perhaps we give a little to the poor If the generosity should seize us But if any one of us should interfere In the […]

Weekend Edition: 12-24

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

How Thomas Jefferson Created His Own Bible (“…he eschewed anything that he perceived as ‘contrary to reason.’”) (via)

Christmassy (?) Linkage

Maybe it’s going to be a Christmas present for the Pope. “The Vatican said on Wednesday an unknown buyer had snapped up the internet address, a domain […]

Friday Follies 3.20

Here’s some Christmas cheer for you. “A 44-year-old woman stole her 3-year-old grandson’s Christmas gifts and sold them for crack.” (via)

A man is suing a popular blog for defamation for publishing a “satirical” post with the headline: “Jersey City Pedophile Loses His $4 Million Lotto Ticket, Sues the Whole World.” Now why would anyone […]