Weekend Edition: 2-26

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The Journey of Crazy Horse: A Lakota History is the 2011 One Book South Dakota selection. An appearance by author Joseph Marshall III is also set as the capstone for the 2011 Festival of Books.

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Where the deer and the buffalo roam and the women are chattel

Bookish […]

Lacking inspiration — or creativity

I blame it on February. For as short as it is, it still reminds you not only that it’s winter but that spring just might be out there. Case in point is that when I went to the state capitol last week, it had a record high temp (61). Sunday, it set a record for […]

Weekend Edition: 2-19

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How big a national laughingstock is South Dakota with legislation to require everyone 21 and older to own a gun, arguably authorizing killing physicians who perform abortions and outlawing surrogacy? An email from my daughter attending the University of Massachusetts this week: “I told somebody I was from North Dakota yesterday to avoid […]

Weekend Edition: 2-12

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Although my review essentially panned his book The Gospel of Anarchy, kudos to Justin Taylor for taking the time to comment on the review. Not only that, he is sincere and secure enough to have linked to the review on his web page rather than list only favorable commentary. As is becoming too […]

Friday Follies 3.6

A Florida appeals court has set aside part of a jury award to family members against their brother for not obtaining their consent before dismembering their death mother, burning her body in a barrel and scattering the ashes on the family farm. I’m guessing he’s the one that puts the “fun” into dysfunctional family: