Book Review: A Hidden Madness by James T.R. Jones

It’s a question that appears on a number of state applications to obtain a license to practice law. Do you currently have any condition or impairment which, if left untreated, could affect the ability to practice law? While it seems simple, some of the questions it can raise are not. What are the chances someone […]

Weekend Edition: 2-25

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Saw my first college hockey game in person last night since last April’s NCAA championship game — and it, too, was an overtime game, aka “free hockey.” The Gophers maybe should take note that they’ve never lost a game I attended, including Final Five and Frozen Four championships.

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Book Review: The Commandant by Rudolf Hoess, edited by Jürg Amann

War crimes trials are a 20th Century invention. Although a vehicle for punishment and, perhaps, the reestablishment of the rule of law, one has to wonder the extent to which individual defendants truly acknowledge any real guilt.

This is seen in the autobiography written by Auschwitz camp commander Rudolf Hoess while in prison following […]

Weekend Edition 2-18

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What with February having Valentine’s Day and being Library Lover’s Month, Siouxland Libraries is running Blind Date With a Book through the end of the month.

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Vergangenheitsbewaltigung (“Good fiction, whether popular or more deliberately literary, introduces disturbing ideas and facts to the public under the guise of […]

Book Review: The Evening Hour by Carter Sickels

I love it when I stumble across a book that ends up being a gratifying read. That’s what happened with The Evening Hour, Carter Sickels’ debut novel. I saw a short review of it somewhere but don’t remember what it was that prompted me to put it on the reserve list at the library. Even […]