Weekend Edition: 2-22

Bulletin Board

Beware, today is the Viking apocalypse (not the NFL team, where the apocalypse has been ongoing)

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I Pledge Allegiance To The Pledge Of Allegiance (“Much as I love the words, meanings and traditions of our Pledge of Allegiance, I think reciting it at a time and place […]

Olympic hockey gold

Neither the U.S. men’s or women’s hockey team will leave Sochi, Russia, with an Olympic gold medal. Still, I think hockey comes away a winner.

The women took silver in a heartbreaking loss Friday. But anyone who’s seen the last five minutes of regulation or the overtime knows how sensational it was. And while the […]

Book Review: Trapped Under the Sea by Neil Swidey

It sounds like the plot to a far-fetched disaster movie. Five men are more than nine miles into a tunnel that dead ends. All they have for light is what they brought. They’re connected umbilical like to a breathing system because otherwise they’d lose consciousness and die from lack of oxygen. Suddenly, the breathing system […]

Weekend Edition: 2-15

Can you tell February demolishes my motivation? This is the third post of the month, all of which have been a Weekend Edition. Despite how short it is, it always feels long. Actual posts on the horizon, though.

“You Hate It That Much?” Blog Headline of the Week

B&N Fires Nook Hardware Engineers, Stock Jumps […]

Weekend Edition: 2-8

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

The Case for Socialized Law? (“It must be that, in the eyes of the law, there is no difference between rich and poor. If the rich have more rights—if they have fuller status as citizens—then by definition everyone else has fewer rights and lesser status.”)

Eleanor Catton on […]