Friday Follies 3.8

Massachusetts woman awarded workers’ compensation benefits for workplace harassment that included telling her she would get health insurance only if she agreed to wear a chicken head mask.

A California woman convicted of forging drug prescriptions showed up at her sentencing hearing with a note from her doctor that was … wait for it .. […]

Friday Follies 3.7

EEEMTCH claims an Idaho law allowing cities and counties to ban the sale of alcohol is unconstitutional because “the consumption of distilled spirits is both our moral obligation and sacred right.” Who’s EEMTCH? Why the Ethereal Enigmatic Euphoric Movement Towards Civilized Hedonism, of course.

A New York fashion industry employee is in arbitration with […]

Friday Follies 3.6

A Florida appeals court has set aside part of a jury award to family members against their brother for not obtaining their consent before dismembering their death mother, burning her body in a barrel and scattering the ashes on the family farm. I’m guessing he’s the one that puts the “fun” into dysfunctional family:


Friday Follies 3.5

At least this guy deserves an “A” for being innovative: A UK immigration officer put his wife on a no-fly list while she was visiting the in-laws overseas, keeping her away from home for three years. (via)

At the other end of the innovation spectrum is the Brit who told the judge, “My brain ended […]

Friday Follies 3.4

I’m guessing being convicted of “tampering with a judicial officer” while a law student probably doesn’t bode well for gaining admission to the bar.

Almost straight out of the Steve Bosell archive: A Taiwanese man accused five neighbors of teaching their mynah bird to call him a “clueless big-mouthed idiot,” causing him emotional distress.