Midweek Music Moment: The Trinity

For reasons ranging from time and interest (or lack of either), it’s been more than a year since I’ve done one of these posts. And I have to admit that the topic of this one actually came up in late summer or early fall. But I’m hoping to resume this a bit, if only sporadically.


Midweek Music Moment: Hey Jude, Beatles

Granted, it’s a compilation album. And it comes after both Sgt. Pepper’s and Abbey Road. That said, Hey Jude, a/k/a The Beatles Again, was long my favorite Beatles album — and remains among my favorites 40 years after it was released.

Some don’t consider this an “official” Beatles album because it is a compilation. Released […]

The Vatican’s Desert Island Discs

What’s going on at the Vatican? Is Pope Benedict trying to be even more hip than John Paul II? On Sunday, its official newspaper published a list of the top 10 rock albums. Not surprisingly, none of the records on its list of Desert Island Discs is on my list. Even without that, the list […]

Beatles bridge the years

Today my wife and I officially become “empty nesters.” And one of the things that comes to mind as my youngest flies off this morning to UMass is The Beatles. That may strike some as a bit odd but, truly, it isn’t.

My youngest daughter is the biggest Beatles fan I know. She got hooked […]

Midweek Music Moment: All Things Must Pass, George Harrison

Truly, I’m not on a Beatles kick. The fact three of the first four Midweek Music Moments have dealt with Beatles-related releases is a coincidence of dates. And a couple things justify this week’s selection. First, as far as I am concerned, All Things Must Pass, released on Nov. 27, 1970, is the best post-Beatles […]