Buy nothing, give something

I’ve never understood Black Friday or our seemingly insatiable urge to be the United States of Buy. This year I’m formally joining a movement I’ve unknowingly participated in for years. It’s making sure to buy nothing on Black Friday.

There’s a couple different campaigns. As Cory noted out in an excellent post, Reverend Billy and […]

The power of politics

How pervasive is the power of politics? About as pervasive as you can get, as evidenced by word that Sarah Palin is going to be at the local B&N for a book-signing on December 6.

Palin is unquestionably the highest profile “author” to hit the local B&N. At least in my memory (which admittedly gets […]

Thoroughly modern males?

Wondering what makes a modern man?’ I can’t say I was but Thursday I stumbled across a link to The 2009 Great Male Survey that conducted with about 50,000 of its readers I’m not sure how definitive or valid the survey is but it asked a wide range of questions and had responses not […]

A nation of televisions

We continue to be outnumbered — and it’s not getting better. Rather, the gap between the number of television sets in American households and the number of people in those households continues to grow.

At least that’s what the latest Nielsen Television Audience sruvey says. The average American home has 2.86 TV sets, about […]

The near obligatory Michael Jackson post

Never a big fan of MJ myself, his death again shows our culture in all its glory. A few examples:

C’mon, Michael, aren’t you carrying this stunt a bit too far? Of course, the news almost brought that interweb thingy and Twitter to their knees. You know even you wondered about this: A legal scramble […]