A touch of listmania

A while ago I discovered Lists of Bests, a site that is just what the name implies. It is a list of “bests,” whether by award or personal preference. Looking at it this weekend, I wondered if the fact I hadn’t read any of the National Book Critics Circle award winners this year was unusual. […]

Dystopian movies — and acknowledging reality

In light of my recent post about modern life and dystopias, the Dystopian Movie meme I found at SFSignal seemed timely. The rule is simply to put in bold the movies you’ve seen from the following list of top 50 dystopian movies.

Metropolis (1927) A Clockwork Orange (1971) Brazil (1985) Wings of Desire (1987) Blade […]

An American madrassa

It is unquestionably the most frightening movie I have seen in years. It actually bordered on making me feel physically ill. This isn’t some gory horror movie or some graphic war footage. It is the Oscar-nominated documentary Jesus Camp.

The film takes us inside the homes and churches of children from Missouri who end up […]

DVD quick takes

Ben Folds and WASO – Live in Perth (2005) 3/5

Ben Folds joins forces with the 90-member Western Australian Symphony Orchestra in this 80-minute DVD of concert performances in Perth, Australia, in March. Some songs make the transition; others don’t. It’s an interesting but not awe-inspiring performance. I found it enjoyable largely because about half […]

DVD quick takes

Gaslight (1944) 2.5/5

This film is a good example of why I generally don’t watch classics. You know the plot and where this movie is going about 15 minutes in and not much after that comes as a surprise or keeps you in suspense. Don’t get me wrong. Ingrid Bergman, who won both the Oscar […]