Illogicality #1

Maybe age is making me increasingly curmudgeonly but I seem to see and hear more things taken at face value that leave me absolutely dumbfounded. The one I read today was so ironic and illogical that it prompts a new series called Illogicality. It will appear when items strike me as asinine enough to be […]

Banned Books Week: But you can go to the movie

We are frequently surprised at some of the books that are subject to challenge in libraries and schools, such as Huckleberry Finn or Harry Potter. Yet banned books are frequently a source of highly acclaimed films.

In connection with Banned Books Week, there’s a list circulating of 15 of “the most iconic, popular, and/or celebrated […]

Cultural convergence

There seems to be a cultural convergence happening here. Or maybe I’m just noticing because four of my favorite things are involved — music, books, film and hockey.

It started last night with a George Winston concert. Perhaps because he records on the Windham Hill label, Winston gets placed in the “New Age” category. (Question: […]

Favorite Film Friday: My Cousin Vinny

It’s been too long since I’ve had a post in this admittedly infrequent series. So as kind of transition from the legal oddities that have been appearing each Friday, I thought it appropriate to talk about one of my favorite movies about lawyers — My Cousin Vinny.

Now My Cousin Vinny may not wow a […]

Favorite Film Friday: Reds

Love stories don’t rank well on my list of preferred movies. When you get right down to it, though, one of my favorite movies — Reds — is just that, a love story, albeit one played out on an epic background. It’s the background that gets me.

Written, produced and directed by its star, Warren […]