Olympic hockey gold

Neither the U.S. men’s or women’s hockey team will leave Sochi, Russia, with an Olympic gold medal. Still, I think hockey comes away a winner.

The women took silver in a heartbreaking loss Friday. But anyone who’s seen the last five minutes of regulation or the overtime knows how sensational it was. And while the […]

Cultural convergence

There seems to be a cultural convergence happening here. Or maybe I’m just noticing because four of my favorite things are involved — music, books, film and hockey.

It started last night with a George Winston concert. Perhaps because he records on the Windham Hill label, Winston gets placed in the “New Age” category. (Question: […]

The strain of abundant diversions

There aren’t a lot of things that I really, really, really enjoy. So it seems odd that having plenty of opportunity to engage in a couple of those things would feel, well… somewhat stressful. Yet reading books and watching hockey make me think I need a vacation. Not to get away from those things — […]

Hockey holiday

New Year’s is starting to become one of my favorite holiday periods. That’s because once again this year it was hockey heaven.

Let’s start with New Year’s Eve. At first, I was disappointed the Stampede did not have a home game, which has been a tradition. That did, however, allow me to watch Team USA […]

Game 7 is Number 1 rated show

I damn near fell out of my chair when I saw it today. According to the god of television ratings, Nielsen, Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals on NBC “claimed the top slot in Nielsen’s ranking of the top primetime telecasts on broadcast TV for June 12, 2009. The show drew approximately 8.0 million […]

Celebrating a new hockey season — with books

October is rapidly becoming one of my favorite months. Wednesday night was the draft in the Puck Podcast keeper fantasy hockey league — which has members from the U.S., Canada, Switzerland and the U.K. (I had the first draft pick and took Ovechkin.) The USHL season started Friday night. The NHL Network brought me the […]