Book Review: Seahawk: Confessions of an Old Hockey Goalie by Bruce Valley

To the extent hockey gets much national attention, it begins this week with the opening of the NHL’s Stanley Cup playoffs. The NHL, though, is simply the tip of a huge iceberg. The men’s NCAA Division I hockey championships concluded last weekend. Most other minor and junior leagues likewise are in the midst of or […]

Celebrating a new hockey season — with books

October is rapidly becoming one of my favorite months. Wednesday night was the draft in the Puck Podcast keeper fantasy hockey league — which has members from the U.S., Canada, Switzerland and the U.K. (I had the first draft pick and took Ovechkin.) The USHL season started Friday night. The NHL Network brought me the […]

Final Frozen Four trip observations

Travel to and from the Frozen Four can be awfully exhausting. I’m just now starting to get back in the swing of things. But then it isn’t just watching three great hockey games, there’s the atmosphere and simply being a tourista. Some final, albeit somewhat random, thoughts:

Add to the hockey games trips to at […]

Frozen Four marginalia

Cutting through all the preliminaries: Spending about seven consecutive hours in Pepsi Center to watch live championship college hockey — Priceless.

Granted, the seven hours includes getting there 30 or so minutes early to watch warm ups, a 50 minute break between the semifinal games and a total of five intermissions. But even from our […]

Happy times for hardcore hockey fans

Probably a significant portion of the US population was watching the NCAA men’s basketball championship last night. I didn’t but my NCAA championship is also this week — the Frozen Four.

NCAA hockey flies way under the radar in most of the country. Yet the Frozen Four comes amidst the best time of year for […]