Scott v. Beck Round 2

I’m not going to go into any detail or comment much on the latest decision rejecting the Argus Leader‘s efforts to dismiss Dan Scott’s libel suit against it and executive editor Randell Beck. (The opinion is available in PDF format here thanks to PP.) Suffice it to say that the written opinion reflects comments I […]

Of libel suits and legal bills

No, this isn’t what I got for Christmas, let alone a smooth transition from Christmas cheer to real life. Still, at least two items of legal interest have been in the Argus recently that I believe deserve some comment or explication.

The most recent is that a judge refused to dismiss Dan Scott’s libel action […]

Legal reflections on the Argus libel suit

The chance, however small, that our law firm might somehow become involved in the defamation lawsuit Dan Scott started this week against the Argus Leader and its editor, Randell Beck, demands circumspection. Thus, I won’t discuss or assess the merits of any allegations, the personalities or my personal views. Still, informed public discussion requires some […]