Is Sioux Falls going red?

It started small. Just a Socialist Club at a local high school in the fall of 2007. Then, a year ago, the city designated an area of town “Pettigrew Heights,” after original Sioux Falls booster and former U.S. Richard Pettigrew. Now, the school district has named a new elementary school “R.F. Pettigrew.”

Don’t get […]

Putting it in my back yard (or at least nearby)

One of the things that intrigued me on our Baltic cruise was the large number of wind turbines, including offshore ones, we saw around Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. Now it looks like a wind turbine — or at least a small one — is coming to within about a half mile of my house.


An interesting take on the “hospital wars”

Those of us in the Sioux Falls area have seen the “hospital wars” for years, from helicopters to heart centers. One perhaps not so new front that’s received a bit of attention lately is the donations the Sanford and Avera health systems are making to other entities, including government-funded ones such as the medical school […]

Socialists and liberals progressives, oh my

For a guy who claimed Monday he was too busy to blog, Todd Epp had a couple excellent posts this week dealing with political labels.

One is a nice post on the Socialist Club at Roosevelt High School. I was thinking about doing something on it because my youngest daughter is a junior at Roosevelt. […]

Say what?

I’m not sure I dare try and be too cutesy or punny with this article.

Seems a 60-year-old Sioux Falls man was arrested after he was chased out of someone’s yard carrying a video camera and tripod. When police found the man at his home they also discovered a large number of video tapes of […]