Road rants

Trying to get things cleared up to get away for the state volleyball tournament, dealing with a seemingly endless stream of idiotic problems and being just plain fed up with dealing with road construction leaves me in a ranting mood. While I’m nowhere near as good as Scott H., these things are among the irritants […]

Okay, maybe we are hicks

We in Sioux Falls tend to think we’re at least somewhat cosmopolitan. But then there’s those things that tend to blow our cover and establish that maybe, when you get right down to it, we still aren’t all that sophisticated.

The latest case in point? This headline on the local daily’s web page today: “World-renowned […]

Local notes

Unlike the building that needed to go down for the events center that was eventually to be its partner, the proposed rec center for Sioux Falls was decimated Tuesday. Voters rejected it about 2-to-1 in a voter turnout of about 23 percent. Seems like quite a slap in the face to city government, the […]

Priceless Zip

You knew it had to be coming.

(The photo was e-mailed me by a friend who doesn’t know its original source. If it’s your handiwork and you want appropriate credit, let me know)

[T]his one here is a slam dunk. This is about as easy as they come.

Zip demolition contractor, Nov. 25, […]

Big boom a big bust

The local media, particularly the daily, have been blathering about and hyping it for weeks. “It” was the plan to use explosives to bring down in one fell swoop a 202-foot concrete feed mill not too far from downtown Sioux Falls. The mill would be removed for commercial development and, in the dreams of city […]