Naming rights

It appears the naming rights wars have begun locally. First, Sioux Valley Hospital announced it was going to pay $3.2 million over 20 years for a “corporate sponsorship” of the new athletic field being built by the University of Sioux Falls. (Being a Baptist school, USF refers to the stadium as a “faith-based athletic complex.”) […]

School fundraising

Time to rant about something that sets me off about this time every year.

I have two daughters in high school athletics this year. At the fall sports meeting last night, the dreaded “fundraiser” arose like a zombie from hell. In fact, two zombies from hell.

Long story short, I now have two teenage girls […]

Legal, local and political footnotes

I am not going to weigh in or expound on the Ten Commandments decisions at this point. The best discussion is probably over at SCOTUSblog. On a somewhat related note, here’s one self-help approach if you object to “In God We Trust” on currency. Discussion here lately is that a rec center will move […]

More trouble for events center?

I’ve noted before that the projected cost of the proposed events center could mean it will never be a reality. I think the uproar over the mayor breaking city rules (a/k/a/ the law) and overspending to complete the Phillips-to-the-Falls project ahead of schedule means even more trouble for the events center.

First, it reinforces public […]

Events/rec center follow-up

Today’s Argus articles indicate I’m not alone in thinking the cost and location of the proposed events center are a deadly combination. Proponents will have an interesting choice deciding whether to bundle it with the rec center if and when a public vote occurs.

As an aside, I’m curious how Pepsi and US Bank manage […]