Book Review: Bruce by Peter Ames Carlin

Like perhaps most everyone, occasionally something strikes you that makes you think about those three or five people, dead or alive, you would invite to dinner if your could. Now anyone who reads this blog might well think that Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen are on the “must invite” list. To be honest, though, I […]

Book Review: Comic Books and the Cold War, 1946-1962, edited by Chris and Rafiel York

As David Hadju documents in his excellent examination of comic books in the 1940s and 1950s, The Ten-Cent Plague, adults saw the genre as contributing to juvenile delinquency and even subverting American values. This uproar, which included U.S. Senate hearings, led to the creation of the Comic Codes Authority in 1954. Yet even before the […]

Book Review: With Liberty and Justice for Some by Glenn Greenwald

Although many consider it little more than a holiday with fireworks, July 4 is meant to celebrate the final approval of the Declaration of Independence and its precepts. One of its key elements is epitomized in the phrase “that all men are created equal.” Granted, there was an inherent contradiction with the existence of slavery […]

Book Review: The Martians Have Landed!: A History of Media-Driven Panics and Hoaxes by Robert Bartholomew and Benjamin Radford

It’s an aphorism that is phrased various ways. Yet the truth general truth of “It’s not the idea, it’s the execution” holds true in almost any endeavor. Books are no exception.

Sociologist Robert Bartholomew and Benjamin Radford, deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer magazine, have an intriguing concept in exploring the media’s spread of hoaxes and […]

Book Review: X-Events: The Collapse of Everything by John Casti

Too big to fail.

It’s a phrase that has become so ubiquitous that even the Federal Reserve has a definition on one of its web sites. From the Fed’s standpoint, an organization is “too big to fail” when it is “so important to markets and their positions [are] so intertwined with those of other [institutions] […]