More dicta

  • Gee, why aren’t I surprised? Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, claims she has never read a book in her life.
  • Now this is cool. It allows you to see the Earth from a variety of satellites, including not only scientific ones but those used by DirecTV and the Sirius and XM satellite radio networks. You can also take a look from from particular locations. (FWIW, Sioux Falls is roughly Lat. 43.55 North and Long. 96.7 West). (Via memepool).
  • Don’t know yet if this is cool but the Google blog announces there is now a Blogger for Word toolbar that supposedly lets you save a Word document as a post to a Blogger blog (like this one) with a few clicks and without opening a browser. Since I do most of my drafting right in Blogger and have had problems with formatting when I try to copy or import from Word documents, I view this with only cautious optimism.
  • Michael Schaub’s comments at Blog of a Bookslut on Bush’s vacation reading speak for themselves.
  • Finally, while I quoted part of it before, the truth is being borne out in reading Accelerando by Charles Stross (even though I’m only about one-third of the way in). Back in June, The Agony Column said in connection with the book: “Charles Stross wants to hurt your brain. …. This is the kind of science fiction that scares normal people.” A review will follow in due course once I’ve finished the book and had a chance to try to digest even a couple of the ideas in it. I know my brain hurts already — but its a good kind of hurt.

    Real Science Fiction does not make you “scratch your head”. Real science fiction makes you score your scalp. Real science fiction is so manly, it peels your scalp from your skull, “rather like peeling a large orange,” to quote a horror movie.

    News from The Agony Column, June 2, 2005

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