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Go read PP’s latest on the latest efforts of the South Dakota Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L.) to get away from the national organization as Bill Stegmeier resigns from the national group and his position with them as the South Dakota’s “JAILer-in-Chief. ”

I want to add one thing to PP’s post. Most of us who oppose J.A.I.L. aren’t doing it because it came from “a bunch of wacko Californians,” to quote Stegmeier. We oppose J.A.I.L. because calling it to call it asinine is far too kind. As I’ve said, this is simply an attempt at make vigilantism a form of judicial review. Between now and the election, I will enumerate the myriad ways in which J.A.I.L. is not only unworkable but entirely ludicrous. And, by the way, some of the wackos are responsible for this being on the South Dakota ballot are homegrown ones. Sadly, California hasn’t got a monopoly on them.

PP lays it all out. I can’t improve on it. GO, READ.

UPDATE: PP also notes J.A.I.L.’s “stealth campaign.”

There is no place in a fanatic’s head where reason can enter.

Napoleon Bonaparte

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