That darn media

If you occasionally glance at the web site run by Amendment E’s California “publicist,” you’ll see the disjointed stream of consciousness rantings and ravings are directed more and more at the media. Could it have anything to do with the fact condemnation of Amendment E keeps coming in from around the nation? Here’s a couple more columnists who have recently chimed in.

The publisher of the Watertown Public Opinion attended a Farm Bureau town hall meeting in Clark Monday night where four ballot initiatives, including Amendment E, were discussed before a full house. Here’s an excerpt from his op-ed column Tuesday on the meeting:

It got even better on the next item: Amendment E, the so called J.A.I.L. amendment. The proponent first discussed all the “bad guys” who support the defeat of E … characters like South Dakota bankers, insurance companies and attorneys. Meanwhile, his second point spoke volumes of those who favor E … that’s where he spent the bulk of his seven minutes, speaking about how he had spent the better part of his life suing just about everybody in his township, his county and this state. He made his point so well with me, I’d like to recommend an official change for the pro E crowd — they change their slogan to G.E.T.E.V.E.N.A vote for Amendment E says you want to “get even” … is that a common sense value which characterizes this great state of South Dakota? I didn’t think so.

At the San Antonio (Tex.) Express-News, the paper’s former political editor wrote an op-ed piece about two weeks ago. Among other things, he said:

Texas’ gubernatorial race is strange indeed, but even Kinky Friedman & Co. can’t outdo South Dakota this year in the bizarre category.

Voters in the Mount Rushmore State will decide whether to allow angry, unsuccessful litigants to haul judges and other government officials who make judicial decisions before special grand juries and possibly impose civil and criminal penalties on them for doing their jobs.

* * *

Most people are content to appeal to a higher court when they disagree with a judicial decision. [Ron] Branson and his allies would rather create a new Wild West system of retribution. So much for interpreting the law without undue outside pressure.

Amendment E represents the anti-judiciary movement at its most extreme.

* * *

The entire system of settling legal disputes in a civilized manner would crumble if the J.A.I.L. 4 Judges proposal were enacted.

South Dakota voters can become eccentric trendsetters, or they can crush this bad idea on behalf of their fellow Americans.

No wonder Bill, Bonnie and friends seem to hate the media. Oh, that’s right. I forgot the media is part of the grand New World Order conspiracy Bill is so worried about.

That mysterious independent variable of political calculation, Public Opinion.

Thomas H. Huxley, Universities: Actual and Ideal

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