Weekend marginalia

  • More book award news. PEN USA has announced its 2006 Literary Award winners. (Via GalleyCat.) I have not heard of any of the book winners, which include Percival Everett’s Wounded for fiction, Michael Chorost’s Rebuilt: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human for “creative nonfiction” and Adam Hochschild’s Bury the Chains: Prophets and Rebels in the Fight to Free an Empire’s Slaves for “research nonfiction.”
  • Speaking of awards, it seems everything is politics. The Literary Saloon provides a nice summary of various coverage.
  • Since I just picked up two of Orhan Pamuk’s books from the local library, this calculator of what your public library is worth seems timely. (Via Rebecca’s Pocket.)
  • The National Review Online looks at the enduring legacy of A Canticle for Leibowitz. (Via Eos Books: The Next Chapter.)
  • While not apocalyptic, it’s worthwhile (and rather fascinating) to take a look at Breathing Earth. (Via Remaindered Links.)
  • On an even more political note, it is also worthwhile locating a copy of the latest Ms. Magazine for its article “Showdown on the Plains.” Among other things, it points out how uber abortion banner Leslee Unruh’s Abstinence Clearinghouse received nearly $4 million from the federal government from 2002 to 2004. Despite all the federal money for “abstinence only” education, Ms. reports that, until recently, a call to the Clearinghouse “would connect to the headquarters for the campaign working to uphold the abortion ban.”
  • Finally, I have been long remiss in not previously noting two additions to the South Dakota blogosphere: South Dakota Defender and Jason Folkerts, A South Dakota Cartoonist.

  • Money is a poor man’s credit card.

    Marshall McLuhan, Maclean’s, June 1971

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