Thursday marginalia

  • I’m not sure who comes up with these things but since today is Bob Dylan’s birthday is is also apparently Talk Like Bob Dylan Day. (Via.)
  • Does anyone else find it somewhat disheartening that more bachelor’s degrees are awarded every year in Parks, Recreation, Leisure, and Fitness Studies than in all foreign languages and literatures combined? (Via.)
  • I’m curious. Given the fact the Bush Administration is backing it, what is it about the immigration reform bill that leads John Thune to oppose it? I’m not saying he’s wrong, I just find it an interesting issue to lead him to break rank.
  • On a semi-political note, it looks like Microsoft, Google and the government contribute to the reason why Philip K. Dick’s writing, recently described as visions of “paranoia, fear and psychological imprisonment,” remain relevant today.
  • The NHL and NBC pulled a “Heidi” last Saturday afternoon. The Buffalo Sabres and Ottawa Senators were playing in the fifth game of the Eastern Conference finals. An Ottawa win would send it to the Stanley Cup finals. The game goes into overtime. Does NBC show the overtime? No, it goes to an hour or more of PRE-race coverage of the Preakness. The overtime was over long before the horse race started. I’ve e-mailed the NHL, NBC and KDLT about my displeasure, although fortunately Versus carried the overtime and I was lucky enough to check there when I realized NBC had given hockey fans the middle finger.

In a total war we have to keep people under constant surveillance.

“Breakfast at Twilight,” Philip K. Dick,
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