Friday Follies: 1.12

Man who sued over unanswered e-mails is dropping the lawsuit because of “the amount of ridicule” he had to endure. (Via.)

Where’s Henry Fonda when you need him? A judge declared “a cooling-off period” for jurors deliberating in a product liability trial. The reports indicate one juror claimed she had been the subject of threats of physical violence by other jurors and had a chair thrown at her. (UPDATE: A mistrial was declared today.)

I imagine it is hard to meet people in his line of work: “A man suspected of robbing a North Side woman apparently couldn’t resist returning to her home to ask for a date.” (Via.)

But then, maybe thieves are just nice: When caught in the act, a burglar begged his victim not to call police and promised to return all the items and come back the next day to fix the door he kicked in. (Also via.)

What not to say to the police officers, Part ????: “I don’t have to do anything you say. I’m a law student.” (Via.)

Oh, great. It’s Swindle-Your-Law-Firm month.

Or your law firm could be part of a sweepstakes scam. (Via.)

A new honor in the college rankings? Duke is the Douchiest Law School, besting Hah-vahd in the finals.

But the legal job market may be improving. Now even fantasy sports disputes can be weighed on the scales of justice — or by “lawyers with plenty of spare time.” (Via.)

A lawyer without history or literature is a mechanic, a mere working mason.

Sir Walter Scott, Guy Mannering

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