Friday Follies 2.2

Since Friday Follies deals with humorous or idiotic matters with some arguable tangential relationship to the law, I will point to citizen journalist Corey Heidelberger and three separate posts by the omnipresent PP on the folly of the South Dakota “blogger bills” (HB 1277 and HB 1278). I see no need to recreate the will and, besides, I’m kind of tired of sausage grinding.

The (Dutch) times are a’changing. Until this week, sex with animals was legal in the Netherlands, as long as it could be proven the animals were not injured. Now such activity has been banned, leading Reuters to observe that the interweb will “lose one of its main sources of bestiality videos.” (Via.)

The Heart Attack Grill in Arizona sues the Heart Stoppers Sports Grill in Florida for allegedly infringing on its concept of “the medically themed hamburger grill and restaurant.” Showing my lack of any knack for advertising, I kind of wonder about a “theme” based on high-fat, obesity-inducing fare. (Via.)

While I can see it being appropriate in many circumstances, the California Commission on Judicial has publicly censured a judge for ordering that attorneys in a class-action lawsuit be paid the same way their clients would be — in $10 gift vouchers to a local clothing store. The actual censure, which indicates the gift vouchers would be paid in installments, says the judge’s conduct displayed “bias and embroilment” and was an abuse of authority.

“Robert Frost Elementary in Washington State canceled the touring theatre-troupe Studio East’s production of the Emperor’s New Clothes and demanded several edits to Snow White and the Black Forest due to fears that students would imitate the bad behavior of some of the characters. The plays, according to the school, violate its Human Dignity Policy.”

“You know when the case name is Anonymous v. Anonymous that things are going to be interesting.” Short version: husband hires private investigator who discovers wife is having an affair with the family priest.

There is no credit to being a comedian when you have the whole Government working for you. All you have to do is report the facts.

Will Rogers

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