The problem with the “blogger bills”

As I indicated Friday, I saw too many years of the legislative sausage-making process to really want to weigh in on the so-called “blogger bills” in the state House, particularly at this early stage. But the blogospheric lines seem so sharply drawn (with attendant personality conflicts) when it seems somewhat unnecessary. There’s no sense arguing […]

The problems with blog ad placement

One of the problems with the interweb is often you at times see the ultimate layout only after the fact, especially if another site or server is populating the page with ads. At least that’s what I’m attributing this bit of ad placement to in a Slate blog post aboutHarper’s Magazine:

Adding some irony […]

Welcome to the book review slums

You would think I would automatically hail the advent of a new interweb book review site, especially one created by a well-respected national magazine. But I can’t say The New Republic did much to entice me when it announced its new online book review, The Book.

In an online letter to “Friends of Books and […]

Blog etiquette rant

In the scheme of life, the universe and everything, it’s no big deal. But it does kind of piss me off so you’ll have to forgive this rant as I vent a bit.

When I post a bunch of links in Weekend Edition or Friday Follies, I use “Via” to link to whomever led me […]

Search warrants and web-based e-mail accounts

Of all the constitutional guarantees, one most Americans are familiar with is the Fourth Amendment. In its entirety, it states, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by […]

No “hard and fast rule” but juror’s pre-trial Google search requires new trial

Although saying it was adopting “no hard and fast rule,” the South Dakota Supreme Court has upheld an order granting a new trial in a case where a juror did a Google search on a defendant two months before being called for jury duty and happened to mention the search during jury deliberations.

In Russo […]