Tech and different TBR conspire

It was one of those weeks it seems like.

When a couple books showed up at the door early in the week, the realization sunk in that there’s a lot of books in my other TBR pile — the “to be reviewed” stack. By my count, I have at least six books to review that […]

Out, damned typo

I’m not surprised when I see typos in book galleys or advance readers copies. After all, these come before a book is finally coming off the presses. Over time, though, I have been surprised at the seemingly increasing number of typos in finished books. Now it appears computers may be to blame, at least in […]

Another era passes, proving again how old I am

The headline on The Atlantic site says it all: Last Typewriter Factory in the World Shuts Its Doors. Although I haven’t used a typewriter in years and their use has become outmoded, it’s still a sad day.

You see, I’m from the age where you took typing class — not “keyboarding.” I’m from the age […]

Library dealing with reinvention curve

A couple unrelated national items last week drew my attention because they came on the heels of a local news item that I found impressive.

In a syndicated story, the LA Times looked at how libraries are “reinventing” themselves as they “struggle to stay relevant.” Although I believe libraries will always be relevant, they are […]

Maybe this justifies the cost of an e-reader

Some may recall that retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter bought a new home when he retired because the farmhouse he lived in wasn’t structurally strong enough to hold the thousands of books he owned. One of his former law clerks took steps to perhaps stop the problem from recurring.

According to annual financial […]

FTC completes first “blog-ola” investigation

Last December 1, blogs were explicitly brought within the scope of updated Federal Trade Commission guidelines on rules governing the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. The FTC last month quietly posted on its web site the “closing letter” of its first investigation involving blogs under the rules.

The FTC investigated whether the Ann […]