The cloak of war

The Bush Administration continues to cry, “We’re at war” when challenged. In oral arguments Wednesday in the Yaser Hamdi and Jose Padilla cases, the solicitor general’s office told the Supreme Court it was “remarkable that we have to confront this question when our troops are still on the ground in Afghanistan.” As I recently noted, […]

A circle of navel gazers

I occasionally check out some of the conservative (more accurately, anti-Daschle) blogs in South Dakota. (I won’t provide links. If you want can’t live without knowing, e-mail me.) Lately, it seems at least three love staring at each other’s navel.

First “X” erupts in indignation about some nefarious thing Tom Daschle, Stephanie Herseth or Dave […]

A variety of worthwhile reading

Too much happening in real life to keep up with to post much of substance or sense. So here’s some recent material worth checking out and at least one general editorial comment:

The uproar about the photo of the caskets of returning service men and women accompanying this story and the fallout are getting plenty […]

Giago Gone

The “Ralph Nader of South Dakota” (cough, cough) has dropped his independent bid for Tom Daschle’s Senate seat. There must be real question whether this bid was ever truly serious to begin with.

The articles announcing Tim Giago’s withdrawal all speak of a meeting between Daschle and Giago in which Giago said he “accomplished what […]

Concepts of freedom

One of Bush’s mantras is we’re trying to bring “freedom” to Iraq and those opposed to our policies “seek tyranny.” (For an on-target satirical view of the role of “freedom” and its derivatives in the Bush lexicon, see this). I truly think that what we have here is a cultural failure to communicate.

To the […]