What Thune’s crew has done for us

Thune loves to throw out the names Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton whenever he can. That’s evidently because he dare not talk about what the conservative agenda has produced. If you haven’t seen the news reports, a new Census Bureau report (PDF file) tells us just what the policies Thune supports have wrought.

Nationally, the […]

Worth the time

If you haven’t seen or heard about it already, the Washington Post had a story Thursday on the Daschle-Thune race. (The Post noted, as I did elsewhere, that Thune managed to inject gay marriage into the recent ag debate). The Columbia Journalism Review has a couple interesting pieces. One explores the the media’s handling […]

Arundhati Roy on US elections and democracy

Anybody who has looked at this blog more than once knows I am firmly in the Anybody But Bush camp. Still, particularly on foreign policy issues, a significant part of me has thought, “Meet the new boss/Same as the old boss.”

Thus, I find a speech prize-winning Indian author Arundhati Roy gave in San […]

The American voter

Sadly, This Modern World accurately summarizes the thought process of the undecided voter (and far too many in the electorate who have already reached a decision).

Thune ad misleading

Perhaps you’ve seen the new ad for John Thune. Something about him being an “independent” voice willing to go his own way, all but coming out and saying Daschle only toes the party line. Too bad the facts show the insinuation is wrong.

Independent analysis of Thune’s votes show that during his six years in […]