The Old Year/The New Year

From a broad perspective, it was much easier to think “Happy New Year” a year ago than tonight. Then, there was the hope and optimism of ousting Bush and his cabal. Sure, it would not have undone the war into which this country was misled but it would have been an opportunity to turn the […]

If caught, sue

Evidently applying the theory that the best defense is a good offense:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Six Navy SEAL special operations commandos and the wives of two of them sued The Associated Press and one of its reporters on Tuesday for publishing photos taken from a Web site that appeared to show the SEALs abusing […]

Where we spend our money

The Indian Ocean disaster and the small row over “stingy” disaster aid has dominated the news. Lost in this and the holidays was a report that Bush is going to ask for another $80 billion for Iraq. That is in addition to the $25 billion already authorized and approved by Congress for the end of […]


Although probably swamped with hits in light of the Asian tsunami disaster, the Pacific Tsunami Museum in Hilo, Hawaii, may be worth checking out. The museum, which we visited a couple years ago, is devoted to the history of tsunamis and has some fascinating displays, including oral histories relating to a tsunami that destroyed downtown […]

Examining the paid blogger defense

Other things have had me distracted for a while but posts on Daily Caucus and more recently on Thune v South Dakota finally clicked with some earlier fact-checking I did.

In defending the fact they did not disclose on their blogs that they were paid by the Thune campaign, two Daschle-bashing bloggers (and some of […]