Springsteen on writers on Springsteen

As I noted at the time,the NYT Book Review ran a spread on Bruce Springsteen books. In this weekend’s edition, Bruce chimes in with the following somewhat tongue-in-cheek letter:

The merits of my music and performances over the last 30 years I gladly leave to the fans, critics and writers. On the subject of “image,” […]

Book Review: Magical Mystery Tours (2005)

It seems as if books on the Beatles will never end. Tony Bramwell’s Magical Mystery Tours is the latest “insider” view of the band. Of course, when a John Lennon lyric sheet is selling for $1 million, the market is evidently there.

Bramwell grew up in Liverpool with Harrison, Lennon and McCartney. He was their […]

A short-lived return to flight

NASA is halting future shuttle flights after learning a chunk of insulating foam broke off Discovery’s external fuel tank during launch. This is a problem similar to what caused the Columbia disaster.

So far it looks like Discovery doesn’t have any problems but the NYT had an interesting observation in an article today:

The more […]

Local interests v. the greater good

Two items in the local daily caught my attention this morning, both reinforcing my concern that this country will eventually drown in its own political stew.

The first was the lead article on page 1 about the compromise energy bill. Located immediately adjacent was a sidebar headlined: “What’s In It For South Dakota.” The second […]

A child of the space age

Reflecting the fact I grew up with the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo projects, I grabbed a conference room at work with a TV this morning to watch the space shuttle returned to flight. It’s a shame disaster and tragedy are what spark live coverage of launches any more. I am always in awe seeing one […]