New Year’s Eve variation

My New Year’s Eve tradition of the last several years — going to the Stampede hockey game — didn’t take place this year because the team they are supposed to play is snowed in elsewhere. At least the Wild game (and a decent one at that, against the NHL’s current #1 team) was on FSN […]

Book Review: Johnny U (2006)

Every kid has (or ought to have) heroes. For me, Johnny Unitas was one of the first. Unitas first achieved fame as the quarterback for the NFL’s Baltimore Colts when I was too young to know football was, helping lead the Colts to the 1958 NFL championship in a game that is still called “The […]

Do its ethics rules apply to Argus blogs?

As the Argus Leader seeks once again to get blogs off the ground, it faces a variety of problems. Sadly, one appears to be truth.

Material from the paper’s “Voices” blog not only shows up online, but excerpts from it are run on the front of the local “news” section. Of course, the Argus doesn’t […]

Book Review: The Worst Hard Time (2006)

While others may not see it, those of us who live on the Great Plains — whether southern or northern — find a certain inherent beauty in the prairie. In fact, even though I have never lived anywhere but in a town or city, the five acres of land filled with prairie grasses that can […]

Midweek marginalia

Normally, this week is fairly laid back with plenty of time to read and get caught up. For some reason, that’s not true this year and besides work committments I have a couple reviews I haven’t started. Therefore, a dose of linkage:

This year’s edition of Scott Hudson’s top 10 people who should get out […]