Miscellany with a bent toward the political

I have been remiss in not previously noting the work of Clean Cut Kid and Coat Hangers at Dawn on monitoring the ban abortion troops. There’s push polling with porn ties, more porn, more push polling and lies. And it’s only August! I have also been remiss in not adding the No on Amendment C […]


Library smut. I admit it. It made me drool. (Via The Olive Reader.) Rebecca’s Pocket points us to How to Read and The Reader’s Bill of Rights. Readers of SF Signal come up with a list of The Top 26 SF Books You’ve Never Read. They hit it on the mark me with as I […]

J.A.I.L.’s first target?

PP has posted the decision by Judge Max Gors on J.A.I.L.’s challenge to the Attorney General’s ballot explanation on their measure. I won’t repeat it in full but do want to look at its content and analysis. Two things come to mind: (1) I told you so and (2) If the public is foolish enough […]

Book Review: The Question (2006)

Within months of the invasion of Iraq, the Pentagon held a special screening of the film Battle of Algiers, supposedly to show how and why France failed in its struggle against Algerian urban guerilla warfare and terrorism. Later, others wondered about the film’s depiction of torture and its impact on American policy in light of […]

End of the week linkage

Don’t know why but intriguing stuff kept popping up this week. With the TBR list growing and nice weather supposedly on the weekend horizon, I plan to spend it reading outside and (except for anything pressing) leave you with a variety of linkage:

Now this is an interesting way to enforce a court judgment. (Via […]