Random weekend grumps

Between trying to get caught up after being gone for several weeks (nearly 700 e-mails at work) and the cold/crud that has been dragging me down for a week now, I remain rather unfocused when it comes to blogs and newspapers. Moreover, even though I’ve managed to get a number of reviews drafted, these factors […]

Book Review: The Prince of the Marshes (2006)

Governments, projects and businesses tend to fear insider accounts. That’s because being on the inside means access to even the most damaging information. Yet what can be even more revealing is an insider account by someone who isn’t really an insider.

That may not have been what Rory Stewart set out to accomplish with The […]

J.A.I.L. shows its true roots and agenda

The hat tip for this goes to some who’s evidently become a regular reader — Bill Stegmeier. South Dakota’s was kind or taunting enough (I’m not sure which) to send me an e-mail captioned “Blog this Tim” about a full page ad the Amendment E folks are running on the back of the new […]

Book Review: The Shark God (2006)

Travel writers, award-winning Canadian travel author Charles Montgomery tells us in The Shark God, work as follows: they contact a country’s tourist agency, promise to write glowing stories and then ask for “free flights, hotels, meals, and booze. Especially booze.” They then spend weeks “lounging in crisp linen sheets [and] watching BBC World News.”

That […]

Should I really be telling Bill how to sue jurors?

Given the number of comments he posted, Bill Stegmeier’s Saturday nights are evidently even more boring than mine. After I pointed out to him that jury verdicts in criminal cases had to be unanimous, he told me I was “stret[c]hing things” and asked for a hypothetical on how a juror could get sued.

I thought […]