Book Review: Kill the Messenger (2006)

Virtually no one disputes Gary Webb died in 2004 of self-inflicted gunshot wounds. Yet the question “What killed Gary Webb?” still exists.

Was it that his August 1996 “Dark Alliance” series in the San Jose Mercury News regarding how some Nicaraguan “contra” rebels backed by the CIA received funds from crack cocaine traffickers was seriously […]

Search term follies

First, I will ackowledge stealing this idea from Vonnegut’s Asshole (and that’s a sentence that is incapable of sounding quite right). It occasionally looks at some of the, shall we say, odd search terms that bring viewers to the site. While I still get plenty of hits from searches like those using “Stephanie Herseth” and […]

The Atheist Manifestos III: The Heathen’s Guide to World Religions (2006)

It might be unfair to include William Hopper’s The Heathen’s Guide to World Religions with reviews of works by Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins. That’s because Hopper’s work is a Marxist manifesto. Marx as in Groucho Marx.

Yet that may be what is ultimately required when it comes to advocating atheism. Religious faith and belief […]

The Atheist Manifestos II: The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

With two books on the bestseller list raising questions about the validity of belief in God, some observers see a movement they call the New Atheism. If they are right, Richard Dawkins is to New Atheism what Bertrand Russell was to what is now apparently “Old Atheism.”

Yet there is a fundamental and significant difference […]

The Supremes and Kevin Costner

No, not as in “Diana Ross and.” The South Dakota Supremes.

In a decision handed down today, the Supreme Court helped Kevin Costner keep the Midnight Star casino in Deadwood going and saved him hundreds of thousands of dollars in the dissolution of a limited partnership that currently operates the it. From a legal standpoint, […]