Search term follies – Part 5

How time flies. I just noticed it’s been nearly a year since I’ve posted one of these. Inspired by Commander Other and a recurring search term, I figured I may as well close out the first month of the year with some of the wacky and weird search terms that bring people here:,


An actual mea culpa from a tech company

Something that seems all too common with tech companies is the “not our fault syndrome.” If a problem develops, hardware support says blames it on your software. Software support blames it on your hardware. A service provider says lays blame with another service provider, your hardware and/or your software.

I encountered this situation this month […]

Weekend marginalia

A longer than anticipated collection of items that piqued my interest recently:

Kudos to Cory for pointing out that one of the historic figures of Sioux Falls was one of Lenin’s favorite authors and leading us to the book itself, which you can read online or download. (I did the latter and will probably start […]

Thankful for a fortuitous jazz “education”

I could simply just rave about how Friday night’s performance by the Joe Lovano Quartet ranks among the top shows in my memory in the SFJB Concert Series. Yet a particular thought often came to mind during the concert: how grateful I am that I had college roommates who helped me develop an appreciation for […]

Book Review: Revolutionary Spirits by Gary Kowalski

There are two sides to most things and, generally, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Gary Kowalski’s Revolutionary Spirits: The Enlightened Faith of America’s Founding Fathers demonstrates the adage applies to views of how the founders of this country saw the role of religion.

Today, many on the Christian right argue that the intent […]