Friday Follies 2.17

Again, no one should be surprised that “very intoxicated” appears in the next paragraph of this story: “A [Florida] man was arrested Friday after deputies said he called 911 multiple times to complain his mother took his beer away.”

Also in Florida, the family of a 13-year-old home-schooled girl has filed an age discrimination complaint against a college because it has a minimum age requirement of 15. (Overlawyered)

This could be called taking “fighting for your client” to an extreme.

A prison cell is not a home, at least for purposes of Iowa’s civil rights act.

Who knew that you could be suspended from school for wearing rosary beads? Evidently, they “are sometimes worn as gang symbols.”

A Massachusetts attorney was suspended for six months and one day for serving a summary judgment motion on opposing counsel of record. The problem? He knew that counsel of record had recently died.”

And, if you haven’t heard already, a woman is suing Google for bad directions. (Futurelawyer) (Lowering the Bar has more details.)

Neither law nor human nature is an exact science.

Harris’s Hints on Advocacy

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  • As someone who writes about people for whom maturity was a necessity, not an option, I can say that I totally agree with maintaining a “minimum age” for college students! At my college, anyway, the immature students are the single major problem faced by teachers. A student who’s a grownup: I can teach that person anything.