Weekend Edition: 4-30

Bulletin Board

The South Dakota Humanities Council has announced the lineup for the 2011 South Dakota Festival of Books. The Festival is October 7-9 in Deadwood.

Bookish Linkage

The South Humanities Council is working with Penguin Books to produce a special edition of this year’s One Book South Dakota, The Journey of Crazy Horse: A […]

Friday Follies 3.10

Shortest (and best????) deposition ever?

A homeless woman has been charged with a felony theft for allegedly lying about her address to get her son into a better school. (via)

People who sued themselves.

A Mississippi county judge has been suspended for 90 days after telling a woman he would “fix” the fine he gave […]

Book Review: The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz by Jules Verne

You’re likely to get an odd look when someone asks what you’re reading and you tell them it’s the “new” Jules Verne novel. After all, Verne died 106 years ago and all of his work has been published. Yet therein is a tale itself.

The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz is a novel Verne hoped would […]

Another era passes, proving again how old I am

The headline on The Atlantic site says it all: Last Typewriter Factory in the World Shuts Its Doors. Although I haven’t used a typewriter in years and their use has become outmoded, it’s still a sad day.

You see, I’m from the age where you took typing class — not “keyboarding.” I’m from the age […]

Weekend Edition: 4-23

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

What cannabis actually does to your brain (“That’s right – smoking a joint creates the effect of temporary brain damage.”)

The Science of Why We Don’t Believe Science (“…we have other important goals besides accuracy—including identity affirmation and protecting one’s sense of self—and often those make us highly […]