Reading the 50 most influential books – or not

This list of the 50 most influential books of the last 50 years or so comes from a site I stumbled across and there is nothing by which to judge its judges. In fact, it comes from one of those sites that seem to be fairly prominent these days, they look like blog but are […]

Weekend Edition: 8-27

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Chapter and verse on why readers get a benefit from their novel experiences (“…people who spend every spare moment with their nose stuck in a novel are actually better at both relationships with others and understanding of the world in general than those who don’t read much or whose […]

Friday Follies 3.15

It still is not a good thing when, rather than hold a hearing on sanctions, a judge says he “assumes [an attorney] is as incompetent as he appears.” (via)

A Maine school district is not liable for damage caused when four members of its wrestling team converted a motel room into a makeshift sauna to […]

Book Review: Six: A Football Coach’s Journey to a National Record by Marc A. Rasmussen

It sounds a bit like a script for a television show or film under the Disney umbrella. A small high school in a town of 250 people decides to start a football team. The goalpost crossbars are built out of two by fours. The players don’t wear jerseys. They wear sweatshirts with the numbers painted […]

Book Review: Wisdom of Progressive Voices, edited by Joanne Boyer

In today’s sound-bite world, it is easy to forget that cogent maxims can be more than buzzwords and arise from more substantive expressions of thought. Although they may encapsulate a principle or theme, they aren’t necessarily designed to be a 15-second snippet.

Wisdom of Progressive Voices, compiled and edited by Joanne Boyer, is a good […]