Weekend Edition: 8-31

Bulletin Board

Having left the RC Journal and, hence Mount Blogmore, my longtime friend Kevin Woster has started his own blog

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Bin Laden Won: No Man Has Changed America More For The Worse (“Bin Laden brought fear into our lives, and turned the United States into a parody of […]

Judge: Avoid procreation while on probation

It’s one of those things that is humorous but then causes you stop and think. As reported by the Mitchell Daily Republic, in suspending a three-year prison sentence for a man convicted of meth possession, Judge Tim Bjorkman also told the defendant, “You will use your best efforts to avoid procreation while on probation.” Can […]

The reporter’s privilege and South Dakota

Now that Judge Vince Foley has recognized a Republican blogger as a journalist in the “robocall” criminal trial , there’s plenty in the news and the blogosphere about South Dakota not having “shield laws.” Such laws protect journalists from unilaterally being required to divulge their confidential sources. While South Dakota has no such law, the […]

(Extended) Weekend Edition: 8-24

This edition is much longer than usual because travel and a get-together time with two daughters (and three dogs at the best dog park I’ve seen) last weekend made everything else low priority. As a result, some of these links are carried over a week.

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Writers should take a […]

Our (sad) missed connections

Being happily married for 31 years, I’ve never had a reason to look at the Missed Connections on Craiglist. But something from earlier this year that just caught my attention makes me somewhat embarrassed for South Dakota and a lot of other places in the nation.

Dorothy Gambrell put together a map for Psychology Today […]