Can you read too much?

It’s not hard to guess my answer: impossible!. But evidently some don’t agree — including a librarian.

Circulating heavily in the blogosphere is the story of a library director who told a nine-year-old boy that he “hogs” the library’s annual summer reading event. He’s read 373 books over the last five contests.

In this age […]

Weekend Edition: 8-10

Bulletin Board

Who knew? Today is supposedly Book Lovers Day (something real book lovers celebrate yearround). Maybe it’s a good day to embark on my new goal of paying a quarterly book tax by buying at least $100 worth of books at the local indie bookstore.

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

It’s Been Real, […]

Not required law school reading

In recent years the ABA Journal, the magazine of the America Bar Association, has been into various “best of” lists for law (e.g., best movies, best TV shows). The latest is the 25 Greatest Law Novels Ever (there’s actually 26 because there was a tie for 25th). Evidently, my cultural legal education is lacking as […]

Weekend Edition: 8-3

Bulletin Board

Best wishes to Bob Mercer as he recovers from a health problem (and learned how good medical care is in SD)

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Blinded by the war on terrorism (“Demanding zero risk of terrorism at home, moreover, makes it easier for terrorists to succeed. If the bar is set […]

Book Review: The Humans by Matt Haig

Normally, I would be writing about missteps and milestones today. But there weren’t really any missteps and there was a major milestone. As a result, I decided Matt Haig’s The Humans deserved more than a passing mention. It is the first book I’ve given a five star rating on Goodreads in two years. I also […]