Rules outweigh rationality — again

I’ve posted before that there are times government elevates rules over simple common sense. While that post dealt with kids and “guns,” it now appears books can get cause government brain farts too.

A 9-year-old Kansas boy and his family had to move their “Little Free Library” after the town of Leawood said it violated […]

Weekend Edition: 6-14

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

We are losing the art of reading (“the innate human desire to make ourselves look cleverer than we are, combined with an overabundance of consumer choice and the intense cultural bombardment of the digital age, means we increasingly lack both the time and willpower to engage with anything longer […]

Weekend Edition: 6-7

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Death Takes No Holiday (“Death, unlike the railroads, publishes no schedule. Untimely is the adjective most often paired with death, but what would constitute a timely death?”)

Blog Headline of the Week

Woman Not Guilty of Chemical Warfare; Constitution Saved

Best Blog Line of the Week

“Paris Hilton, like […]

Death of an extremely rare breed

We’ve all heard about the toll the internet and big-box bookstores have taken on independent bookstores. To a great extent, the independents that are dying are what I would call community bookstores. They don’t specialize in any one thing but carry a wide range of books to cater to the general public. Now imagine the […]

Losing out with judicial elections

During Tuesday’s primary, voters in my judicial circuit (two counties) will see a “nonpolitical” ballot for Circuit Court judge, the state’s trial court level. We will choose which two of three candidates will face each other in one of the two contested races for judge in the circuit in the November election. (There’s only two […]