Potential effects of ‘sincerely held religious beliefs’

I have a number of problems with the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision on health insurance coverage of contraceptives and religious freedom. But the concept that corporations can freely exercise religion isn’t the main one. I’m more concerned about what I perceive to be far broader and more problematic issues.

The decision is framed in […]

Weekend Edition: 6-27

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Prey (“Unbeknownst to me, I wasn’t preparing to survive another attack, but rather to execute one.”)

Why I’m so happy to be Foyled again (“Imagine getting to the end of your days with a lifetime of reading behind you and there being nothing to show for all those […]

Is there irony in the Supreme Court’s buffer zone ruling?

Among the big items in Thursday’s news cycle was the U.S. Supreme Court striking down a Massachusetts law creating a buffer zone around abortion clinics. It didn’t take long for a number of observers to pick up on an unusual perspective on the decision. Federal law makes it illegal to “parade, stand, or move in […]

In the minority — again

It’s surprising sometimes what the federal government looks at. As the name suggests, one of its latest reports — the American Time Use Survey — looks at the activities that make up our days. Among other things, it shows I’m once again in the minority, this time in “leisure time.”

According to the study, Americans […]

Weekend Edition: 6-21

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Was This Student Dangerous? (“…despite clear and repeated instructions, the undergrad was writing things that had nothing to do with class assignments — things that made the other students afraid.”)

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Pope Francis says no to pot while sipping on wine

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