Friday Follies 3.18

For future reference, there is no First Amendment right to attend illegal cockfights.

A hunter in Alaska is suing the National Park Service for threatening to prosecute him if he keeps hunting moose from his hovercraft in a federal preserve.

Meanwhile, in nearby British Columbia a man who was abandoned as a teenager is being […]

Friday Follies 3.17

A 290-pound stockbroker is suing White Castle because he could not fit in the booths at one of its restaurants in New York.

A law firm, of all places, reportedly threatened to fire an employee who was selected as a juror in a lengthy murder trial.

Tampa Bay Woman Arrested for Stripping at Club That […]

Friday Follies 3.16

Having spent my fair share of time in them, I can’t say the holdings of law libraries are such that they would encourage a person to do this.

A mistrial was declared last week in the sex-trafficking prosecution of a massage parlor owner when an employee who testified for the prosecution recognized the defense lawyer […]

Friday Follies 3.15

It still is not a good thing when, rather than hold a hearing on sanctions, a judge says he “assumes [an attorney] is as incompetent as he appears.” (via)

A Maine school district is not liable for damage caused when four members of its wrestling team converted a motel room into a makeshift sauna to […]

Friday Follies 3.14

Federal appeals court says a lawsuit by “a disgruntled cheerleader mom” over whether her daughter should have made the cheer squad is no more than “a petty squabble … that has no place in federal court or any other court.” And don’t miss the footnote on the last page of the opinion. (via)

Meanwhile, the […]