Congrats to the Stampede

The Sioux Falls Stampede are bringing home the first Clark Cup in franchise history after defeating Waterloo 3-0 tonight. Quite an accomplishment for a team that started the season 0-5-1 and spent much of the season in or near last place in the USHL’s strongly competitive western division.

The coaches and players, especially goalie Matt […]

It’s 80 degrees again today so

let’s talk hockey.

I know. Most of the U.S. is either basking in the return of baseball or watching NBA playoffs. But hockey season ain’t over (that’s a topic for another day) and there’s a couple items that have been on my mind.

First, of course, is to wish the Stampede good luck in the […]

The USHL and the Frozen Four

This year’s Frozen Four again showed some of the best and the competitiveness of college hockey. None of the number one seeds in the four regions made the final grouping. Michigan State, a “bubble team” just prior to tourney selections, ended up the champion, winning Saturday night with 18.9 seconds left on the clock. The […]

Somebody build an arena here overnight?

USA Today has a couple nice pieces on the USHL today. Still, maybe the reporter should have done a bit more fact checking. The main story reports: “Sioux Falls boasts a spacious $50 million arena.” Sure wish the guy would tell the Stampede and everyone here where it is. Not sure how much the current […]

Hockey book briefs

Being a latecomer to the sport of hockey (not surprising as I’ve only been on ice skates once in my life), I occasionally try to learn more about the sport through a primary obsession — reading. Not surprisingly, hockey books don’t really rise to the level of great literature. Still, they’re often worth the time […]