Elections + Obama + zealots = ballot challenge

We see all too frequently that getting information in today’s world isn’t the problem; it’s the ability to evaluate it. Latest case in point? The regular meeting Friday of the South Dakota Board of Elections includes an agenda item on a complaint filed to keep President Barack Obama off the ballot.

Thomas Scheveck beats three […]

Book Review: Wisdom of Progressive Voices, edited by Joanne Boyer

In today’s sound-bite world, it is easy to forget that cogent maxims can be more than buzzwords and arise from more substantive expressions of thought. Although they may encapsulate a principle or theme, they aren’t necessarily designed to be a 15-second snippet.

Wisdom of Progressive Voices, compiled and edited by Joanne Boyer, is a good […]

Book Review: The Anti-American Manifesto by Ted Rall

Years ago the professor in my political ideologies class laid out a view of the political spectrum that I’ve never forgotten. It does not, he said, resemble a line with a far left, a far right and a center. Instead, it is a nearly closed circle where the extremes of the spectrum are turning back […]

Conspiracy-debunking… or conspiracy?

Conspiracy theories abound, many of which involve the federal government acting alone or in conjunction with others. Now I admit I love to read about conspiracy theories. My bookshelves contain plenty of works on this or that theory (the JFK assassination or 9/11, for example) or compilations of them (Everything Is Under Control or The […]

The puzzle of party politics

Okay, I’ve got a poli sci degree, I was a political reporter and I stay fairly up to date. But I evidently have grown or remain blindly (or perhaps happily) ignorant to much of politics.

For the first time in my 36 years as a registered voter, I voted Tuesday as a registered Republican. The […]