Favorite Film Friday: Network

I’ll be honest. Network only recently became one of my favorite films. I saw it shortly after it was released in late 1976 but let some 30 years elapse before watching it over Thanksgiving. When I first saw it, I considered it biting commentary. Now, sadly, I consider it prescient.

Perhaps best known for the […]

Book Review: Dangerously Funny: The Uncensored Story of “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” by David Bianculli

If the term “variety show” comes up today, it’s most likely in a debate over Jay Leno’s move to prime time television. Otherwise, it brings to mind names like Ed Sullivan, Sonny and Cher or even Donny and Marie, along with whatever smile or cringe they may produce. While variety shows tend to reflect or […]

Who you gonna believe? Survey says: Not the news media

We hear a lot lately about the struggles of traditional news media in the Internet age. But it seems a lot of people believe the damage may be self-inflicted.

A new study by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press indicates the fewest number of people in more than two decades believe […]

I like my law real, not televised

In what appears to be becoming an annual pop culture tradition, the cover story of the new ABA Journal is The 25 Greatest Legal TV Shows. In August 2008, the magazine’s cover story was the 25 greatest legal movies.

Perhaps showing my preference for movies over television, I’d seen more of the top 25 movies […]

A nation of televisions

We continue to be outnumbered — and it’s not getting better. Rather, the gap between the number of television sets in American households and the number of people in those households continues to grow.

At least that’s what the latest Nielsen Television Audience sruvey says. The average American home has 2.86 TV sets, about […]